Say "Mitt Yeck-Ull"
What is mityekcal?  Why it's my name, Tim Lackey, spelled backwards. My sister has always called me this.

Someone else owns, so I chose the next best thing.

This site is simply a home base where you can find all the information you ever wanted about my online presence.

If you send email, and don't get a response--but are expecting one--then please try again, using any or all of the addresses below. 

Thank you!


Lackey Sailing, LLC:  Boat Restoration and Repair
Formed in 2004

The Motorsailer Project:  2010 - 2015

The Daysailor Project:  2003-2005

Glissando:  1999 - 2011

The First Boat Shop:  Built in 2003

The Log Cabin:  Built in 2006

The Current Boat Shop:  Build in 2005-2006

The Alllied Seabreeze Project:  2004 - 2010

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